Artist Appreciation: Babiole Designs

July 23, 2014

Artist Appreciation: Babiole Designs |

Artist Appreciation is a new monthly segment where I feature an artist whose work I admire. This month’s artist is Ezster Bota of Babiole Designs. The soft colors, whimsical patterns, and floral elements give her work a dreamy nature-y vibe that I love. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Babiole Designs.


Hedgehog by Babiole Designs



Happy Birthday by Babiole Designs

Happy Birthday

Meadow Print by Babiole Designs

Meadow Print


Watercolor Flowers by Babiole Designs

Watercolor Flowers


Let's Celebrate! by Babiole Designs

Let’s Celebrate!


To see more and/or purchase artwork from Babiole Designs, check out their Facebook page and Society6 store.

10 Superhero Inspired Swimsuits
(Fangirl Fashions ed. 26)

July 22, 2014

10 Superhero Inspired Swimsuits |

You may not be able to save the world, but you’ll definitely save yourself from boring swimwear this summer with these 10 superhero inspired swimsuits.

Aquaman Inspired Swimsuit from Splish

Aquaman Inspired One Piece from Splish – $52.50


Batgirl Swimsuit from Sci Feye Candy

Batgirl Bikini from Sci Feye Candy – $90.91



Batman Reversible One Shoulder Bikini from Stylin Online 2 Batman Reversible One Shoulder Bikinia from Stylin Online

Reversible Batman One Shoulder Bikini from Stylin’ Online – $39.99


Captain America Superhero Swimsuit from Bird Sews Stuff

Captain America Swimsuit from Bird Sews Stuff – $75


Green Lantern Bikini from Fit 2 B Tied Clothing

Green Lantern Bikini from Fit 2 B Tied Clothing – $48


Marvel Character Bikini from Hot Topic

Marvel Characters Bikini from Hot Topic – TOP $24.50 | BOTTOMS $22.50


Robin Swimsuit from The Geek Garden

Robin Bikini from The Geek Garden – $65


Superman Swimsuit from Sci Feye Candy

Superman Swimsuit from Sci Feye Candy – $90.91


Wonder Woman One Piece Swim Suit from Spencer's

Wonder Woman One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit from Spencer’s – $28.11


X-Men Rogue Swimsuit from Sci Feye Candy

X-Men Rouge Two Piece Swimsuit from Sci Feye Candy – $90.91

Lakeview Cemetery

July 21, 2014

You know how there are people who live in New York their entire lives without ever visiting the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty? Now, I’m not saying Lakeview Cemetery is anywhere near the equivalent of those, but it’s one of those things that Cleveland is known for and I had never even heard of it until my father-in-law found out about it from a coworker. The cemetery is home to the Garfield Monument and Wade Chapel and it’s the final resting place of several famous people. As soon as we all had a free weekend, Andrew, his parents, and I took a little day trip out there to see what all the fuss was about.

Lakeview Cemetery |

Our first stop was The Garfield Monument. I don’t have a lot to say about the places we visited because historical buildings and famous dead people aren’t really my thing, but I do have a lot of pretty pictures to show you.

Lakeview Cemetery |

Lakeview Cemetery |

Lakeview Cemetery |

This was our view once we made it to the “top” (as high as they would let us go) of the monument building.

Lakeview Cemetery |

Lakeview Cemetery |

Then we scouted out some famous tombstones.

Lakeview Cemetery |

Lakeview Cemetery |

Our last stop was Wade Memorial Chapel, a tiny chapel built in memory of Jeptha Wade, the founder of The Western Union Telegraph Company.

Lakeview Cemetery |

All of the artwork on the floor and the walls is made entirely of glass and was designed by Tiffany (as in Tiffany lampshades). All of the mosaics and even the architecture of the ceiling work together to tell the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.

When we were finished exploring the cemetery we got some pizza at a restaurant in Little Italy before heading home. It was a fun afternoon.