5 Years and Counting

March 31, 2012

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of mine and Andrew’s first date. I shared a few details of that fateful night in the Friday Favorites post yesterday.

To celebrate we got all dolled up and went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday so I could finally get the spring rolls I’ve been craving for the past month.
5 Years and Counting | allonsykimberly.com
There was a crazy storm that hit just as we pulled into the parking lot, but luckily it let up after a few minutes and we were able to get into the restaurant without getting soaked. We sat in a cozy little booth, had some good food, and just enjoyed our time together away from the house, away from work, away from distractions. It was really wonderful to just be able to devote our attention fully to each other, if even for just an hour or so.

After dinner we took a short shopping trip to Target to spoil each other a little bit, then came home, made some churro balls, and snuggled on the sofa while watching tv.

It was a great evening of dining, reminiscing, shopping, and snuggling. I look forward to many more nights like this in the future. <3

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