I’m Sorry, Bunny

March 28, 2012

The husband and I finally did our taxes last night, and to celebrate we decided to go out for ice cream! But, the festivities were brought to a screeching halt before we even got to the dairy. There was a bunny, peacefully munching on some grass on the side of the road. He wasn’t in our way, but I guess he thought he was. The bunny panicked, Andrew panicked, I screamed, we swerved. KA-THUD!

I was an inconsolable mess for the rest of the drive.

I felt so horrible. I kept thinking about his little bunny family that he wouldn’t be returning to because of us. And Andrew, despite what I’m sure were his best efforts at cheering me up, really wasn’t much of a help.

Me: Maybe he just got a little hurt and he’ll be able to get away and heal.
Andrew: No, I was going too fast for that. It’s definitely dead.
Me: Well, maybe we just ran over its leg or something.
Andrew: That thud was too big to just be a leg – it was a WHOLE bunny.

I stopped seeking comfort from him after that.

I tried to distract myself from thoughts of his poor little bunny brothers and sisters who would never see him again, but then we passed a church with a “clever” Easter pun on its sign.

Me: Bunny…
Andrew: You’re still thinking about it?
Me: That sign. It said “No bunny loves you like Jesus.” That’s where he is now… (sniff, sniff)
Andrew: Kim, Animals don’t have souls. They’re like robots.
Me: …
Andrew: Okay, not like robots. They’re living creatures. God must have breathed something special into them to give them life.
Me: INNOCE-E-E-NCE! (more sobbing)

It was all very tragic.

By the time I got in line for my ice cream I was over it though – or had at least momentarily forgotten about it. Then we went to pet the cows and I felt better.

Nothing like a root beer float and some baby cows to lift your spirits! Or maybe that’s just me…

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  1. I know its horrible to laugh, but I had to chuckle. I'm fairly sure that I can hear your voice squeal "innocence." I ran over a kitten once. I was worthless for days. It's a horrible feeling.

    He's totally in bunny heaven.


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