Friday Favorites: Cows

July 13, 2012

Today is National Cow Appreciation Day – at least that’s what the signs at Chick-fil-A say.

I love cows. Seriously, they’re one of my favorite animals. We drive past fields of cows all the time and whenever we do I have this overwhelming urge to go and hug them. Or at least just go and sit in the field and stare at them…

Anyway, in honor of this holiday and my unusual infatuation, I thought I’d show you a few cow-related things from around the web.

keep calm and love cows via keepcalm shop
Keep Calm and Love Cows print via Keep Calm Shop on etsy
choco full of style ring via modcloth
Choco-full of Style Ring via ModCloth

glass milk carton jug via design life shop
Glass Milk Carton Jug via Design Life Shop

milkaholic baby shower via hwtm
MILKaholic Baby Shower via Hostess {with the mostess}

a bowl not to cry over via baby gadget
A Bowl Not to Cry Over via Baby Gadget

Happy National Cow Aprreciation Day, everyone!
Go hug a cow!
Or just skip the hamburgers and steaks tonight. :)

Aunie Sauce

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  1. That milk carton glass has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I'm honestly not the hugest fan of milk, but this would make me want to drink it more. So awesome. The milk bowl thing is really cool, too. Nice finds! And, like Ohio, we have lots of cows here (Iowa) too.


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