Oh, How Pinteresting #21

July 18, 2012

It’s Wednesday again! Time to link up with The Vintage Apple to share some of the lovely things I’ve been pinning lately.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest click here to learn what the big deal is about this fantastic site. If you want to join in on the fun leave your email in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to send an invite your way!

This week I’ll be sharing some of the pins I “liked” but didn’t repin. I think they deserve some recognition too!

Let's Get Started!

don't disturb the pets via someecards
source // liked pin via: Kelsey Milkovich
Story of my life.

herringbone quilt via ashley ann photography
source // liked pin via: Amy Anderson
This is so pretty. I really need to learn to quilt.

nerd girl problem #17 via the mary sue
source // liked pin via: Melissa B.
It’s definitely a dream of mine. Especially after this past weekend and all the twit pics, blogs, and pictures on flickr that I’ve been living vicariously through… I’m only a little jealous.
Okay, a lot.

princess bride sign via stylemepretty
source // liked pin via: Emylee Grimaldi
Hehe. Cute.

yolo captain jack via thrutimeandspace
source // liked pin via: Stacy Pyron

timelord insults via tardis soup
source // liked pin via: Emma Herrenbruck
Some Doctor Who humor.

rules for happiness via favim
source // liked pin via: Amanda Sabo
And, you know, have Jesus in your heart. :)

fatty pants via jokideo
source // liked pin via: Emily Mounts
Haha. Pretty much.
Although I have started running again this week. Woo!

tom felton and rupert grint
source // liked pin via: Stevi Ferguson
Oh, I just love these boys.

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Happy Pinning!

P.S. If you want to pin something from this post, please, please, please follow the link to the original source and pin it form there so the original creator gets the credit. Thank you!

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