Friday Favorites: Geek Art

August 03, 2012

Revel in this glorious geek art gallery!

First up is the amazing Star Wars splatter art of Arian Noveir (found via Nerd Approved)
Arian Noveir - Star Wars Splatterart-Boba Fett via Nerd Approved
Arian Noveir - Star Wars Splatterart-Darth Vader via Nerd Approved
Arian Noveir - Star Wars Splatterart-Yoda via Nerd Approved

I really think I might need to buy that Boba Fett print – It’s so pretty! And Andrew did once agree to let me have a giant mural of Boba Fett in our bedroom. Sometimes I wonder why he married me…

Dalek Exfoliate via Autogeography on Etsy

I’ve been eyeing this adorable Dalek from autogeography for quite some time now. EXFOLIATE!

Portal 2-I'm Different via K4llO on deviantart

I’m Different... by K4ll0.
It’s hard to hate those little turrets when they’re so stinkin’ cute…
and pleading for their lives. :)

SPEW Propaganda Poster via Entropy Trading Co on Etsy

How freakin’ adorable is this Harry Potter S.P.E.W. propaganda art from EntropyTradingCo?
I guess I really like this Etsy shop – this is the third time I’ve featured one of their prints.
(see here and here for the other two)

The Tale of the Three Brothers painting via NerdArtforNers on Etsy

This Tale of the Three Brothers painting by NerdArtforNerds is absolutely stunning.

Ïve Bastrash aka inkjava makes some seriously amazing alternative movie posters
(found via The Mary Sue)
Ive Bastrash Movie Poster-Beetlejuice
Ive Bastrash Movie Poster-Hellboy via The Mary Sue
Ive Bastrash Movie Poster-Raiders via The Mary Sue

I really love that Hellboy poster. You can see more of Ïve Bastrash’s work on her personal website, but be forewarned – it’s all in French.

I couldn’t leave out some of the awesome nerd art I've shared in the past.
(Click each photo to see the full sized picture and the post where it was featured.)
Buttercup & Wesley via[3] doctorwho[5] dr horrible[5]
Fly Casual via starwarsfreak[5] HP travel psoter 2 by caroline hadilaksono[3] yub nub[5]

Now it’s your turn! Any amazing geek artwork or artists I should know about?
Tell me in the comments.

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