Is Rory Williams The Master?

August 26, 2012

WARNING:Please do not read this post if you are not a Doctor Who fan or if you haven't seen all of the episodes yet. This post does contain many spoilers and I would really hate to ruin anything for you.

If you are a fellow Whovian and are interested in my theory click the "Read More" link under the picture.

Rory is the Master

While I was looking stuff up for Friday’s post I came across this article, and was immediately intrigued... and worried. I really don’t want Rory Williams to be The Master, but after thinking it over and doing some further research, I’m almost convinced that he is… Probably… Maybe… Just hear me out.

The first kind of big piece of evidence happens during Let’s Kill Hitler in series 6. After Mels regenerates Rory mentions a banging in his head.

The Master went crazy because of the drumming he always heard in his head, so maybe being exposed to the time energy from the regeneration triggered something in Rory’s brain, bringing back one of The Master’s memories? Then again he could just be referring to what an insane day they were having. I mean, he did just find out that his best friend is actually his daughter. And he punched Hitler in the face and shoved him in a closet. I think that’s enough to give anyone a bit of a headache.

Although, after this episode Rory does seem to get more and more aggressive – maybe the drums are starting to drive him insane again?


Second, there are all of the times Rory has died, but somehow managed to come back. There’s definitely some Timelordiness going on there.


And what about the fact that River, Amy and Rory’s daughter, is half Timelord? Even The Doctor admitted that the theory of being conceived in the TARDIS was fishy.


And of course there are all of the weird incidences in The God Complex. The first of which is the fact that Rory doesn’t seem to have a room. The rooms are meant to make you question your faith, but Rory doesn’t have faith in anything? Not even Amy? Seems a little odd, to me.

This next piece of evidence is partly why I really do believe that The Master will be returning in the new series, not necessarily as Rory, but returning nonetheless.

The Doctor hears the TARDIS’s cloister bells – the distress call it makes whenever something really, really bad is happening. The same sound it made when The Master stole and corrupted it in series 3. And we here it chime four times. The Master always heard four beats in his head.


Now, I might have chucked that up to coincidence, but then, while I was rewatching the series 7 trailer to post it on Friday, I noticed something else. Listen to what The Doctor says at 0:30.

He mentions “The Masters” in his list of victims. We haven’t seen The Master since series 3 so, if he is talking about him, that makes me think he’s returning soon. Maybe  I’m just going crazy, but I really don’t think it could all be coincidence. They don’t usually just throw out little details like that for no reason. And we already know that the Ponds are leaving during this season, presumably in some heartbreakingly, devastating sort of way - maybe The Doctor has to defeat The Master again?


Of course there is the issue of Rory’s memories, but during Series 3, both the Doctor and The Master disguised themselves as humans by containing their Timelord memories in their fob watches (The Family of Blood and Utopia). During that time neither of them could remember that they were Timelords and had false memories of their human lives. So, it’s entirely possible for Rory to not realize he is The Master if in fact he is. However, both Amy and Mels have memories of growing up with him too, so I don’t know. Maybe Rory’s actually the half Timelord son of The Master and Lucy Saxon? Wouldn’t that be something?


I’m still not entirely convinced of this theory. Part of me wants to believe it because it would be kind of awesome to see it all happen, but at the same time I think I’d be completely devastated if Rory ends up being anyone but himself.


Either way, we’ll get to find out soon! The new series starts in less than a week! Until then, tell me your theories. Do you think Rory is The Master or am I just reading too much into things?


  1. Quite an interesting theory. Most convincing to me is how is River part Timelord if Amy and Rory are not...

  2. I totally love this theory (even if I've just discovered it today! :D )... And I have the feeling it could indeed be possible. One of the things that intrigues me the most is the reply Rory gives to the Doctor when he asks him about his room in The God Complex. He answers "Well, after all the time I spent with you in the TARDIS, what was left to be scared of?" and the Doctor's reply is "You said it in the past tense". That's a dialogue I haven't properly understood.. The Doctor notices that something is strange with Rory's sentence, and Rory tries to deny it (to himself too)... but the Doctor is clearly thinking about it and whenever Moffat and in general Doctor Who's writers give us a Doctor reacting in that way, sooner or later you end up discovering that it was a meaningful reaction you should have put some more thought into.

    I love Rory with all my heart, but I have to admit I love plot twists even more and this would be a HUGE one. We'll see what happens in about... well, 2 episodes, I guess. :)

    Thanks for writing this post and for the links to the vids and sorry for my horrible English (not my native language! X___X )! :)


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