Our Last Days as Daytonites

September 25, 2012

Okay, they weren’t technically our last days since we’ll be moving back at the beginning of next year, but they were the last days ever in our old house and the last time we’ll be in Dayton for a while. You’re probably all getting sick of reading about our move, but I really want to remember the time Andrew and I got to spend together before we were separated. After this though, I promise no more posts about moving!

September was a pretty busy months for us between finishing Andrew’s schoolwork, packing up the house, and making moving arrangements, but we still found time to see friends, have a few dates, and even go to a Renaissance Festival. A couple of weeks before we moved, we took a trip to a local farmer’s market to get some yummy Thai food and vegan desserts.

Peanut Butter and Banana Whoopie Pie from Thistle Confections | allonsykimberly.com
This is a [half eaten] peanut butter and banana whoppie pie from Thistle Confections. It was amazing.
After we ate and browsed, the husband decided we needed to take a trip to IKEA. We didn’t end up buying anything, but it was nice to get out of town and look at furniture. We’re now contemplating renting a small apartment when we move back so we can justify buying ourselves a loft bed.

We had lunch on Sunday afternoon with some of Andrew’s relatives who go to our church, and his family came down the next day and helped move some of my stuff back up to Elyria. We also went to the movies with our friends Traci and Gabe. Originally we had planned on seeing The Dark Knight Rises, but the theater website had the movie times listed wrong so we ended up seeing The Bourne Legacy.

Our small group (young married couples) from church met the Monday before we had to leave. It was really great getting to see everyone, but kind of a bummer to hear about all the new things that’ll be going on in the fall/winter that we won’t get to be apart of this year.

The majority of the time left was spent packing and moving things to the storage unit, but Andrew and I were able to unbury ourselves from the sea of cardboard and bubble wrap to get one last date in before we left. I had been craving shrimp and scallops for some reason (I’d never had a scallop before then, but something in me just said that I needed to have some), so Andrew took us to Red Lobster. Afterward we did some clothes shopping (since we had some extra cash from not having to pay rent that month) and got some candy before heading back home to finish  boxing everything up.

The next day was a non-stop, hectic, clean fest as we finished getting everything ready before we had to leave. I was able to snap a few pictures though before my parents showed up to take me and all of my crap back to Elyria.

Our Last Days as Dayonites | allonsykimberly.com
Our last time standing in that living room.
Our Last Days as Dayonites | allonsykimberly.com
One last look at our house.

It was sad, but kind of exciting. But mostly sad. We hugged and said our goodbyes then went our separate ways.

And thus began the next chapter of our lives.


Rachel said...

Leaving a place where you've been for a while is sad...even when you live somewhere just a very short time, you still put down a few roots! So many times I've done that last walk through the house I was about to say goodbye too...looking inside all the rooms and remembering all the fun times...

Jen Collado said...

Change is not easy but it's a sign that you're moving on with your life. Good luck! Saying hi from Just Because Fridays! I hope you can check out my blog too. It's at http://rushingforbagels.blogspot.com :)