DIY Sunglasses Case

October 08, 2012

DIY Sunglasses Case |
I’ve been a little MIA from the craft lately with the whole move and all, but this is actually something I made back in July. I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures and write about it until now. I have the worst luck with sunglasses. Somehow the hinges always end up snapping off the arms after rolling around in my purse for a few weeks. That’s what brought about this little project that has taken me so long to post.

  • fabric
  • padding or fluffy/thick fabric
  • zipper
  • sewing machine, thread, & pins
  • scissors
  • white cardstock (optional)
  • computer & printer (optional)

DIY Sunglasses Case |
1. print a picture of sunglasses onto cardstock and trace it onto the back of the fabric or just free hand it if you’re good :) // 2. cut out the frames // 3. cut the lenses out of the cardstock and trace it onto a different fabric // 4. cut out the lenses – depending on your fabric and patterns you may need to do two layers of the lens fabric to keep the frame fabric from showing though

DIY Sunglasses Case |
I took the zipper out of an old skirt that I never wore, but you can find zippers in plenty of different colors at most craft stores.

DIY Sunglasses Case |
To determine the size of your fabric pieces, place a pair of sunglasses 2 inches or so from the edge of the fabric and fold it over, leaving 4-5 inches between the glasses and the fold, then cut. Do this for both the length and the width.

It’s really annoying to have to stop and take pictures while you’re sewing, so the rest of the steps will be in a beautiful diagram that I drew up for you. The photo above is a key to know which fabric is being used in each diagram picture.

DIY Sunglasses Case |
DIY Sunglasses Case |
6. make sure the back of the zipper is facing you when you sew // 7. the padding needs to be a little shorter than the rest so it doesn’t interfere with the zipper // 10. place the inside fabric right side up overtop of the zipper and the outside fabric which should be facing down, then sew the zipper on that side
DIY Sunglasses Case |

And that’s it! Now my sunglasses can be safely packed away without fear of being snapped apart and I have a handy little pouch for the other little bits that always get lost at the bottom of my purse.
DIY Sunglasses Case |
My instructions show you how to sew the case so the sides of the zipper are hidden, but I didn’t actually sew mine that way. Just in case you make one and wonder why the inside looks different from mine. :)
DIY Sunglasses Case |