Friday Favorites #39

November 30, 2012

Since I missed last week, I’m doubling up today’s Friday Favorites post and sharing TEN things that I’m loving right now, instead of only five.
I’m just that generous.



Litographs is a company that prints the entire text from books onto posters, using different colors and shading to create pictures from the story. They also have a kickstarter going to start printing these designs onto t-shirts.



Alternate Ending by Andrew Kolb

I love this Alternate Endings posts that Andrew Kolb designed for an upcoming art gallery. It even says, “Hold onto your butts”. XD



Big Lizard Dreams via Neatorama

Dream big little lizard. Dream big. (via Neatorama)



Dear Hug Paper Cut by Nikki McClure

Gorgeous paper cut by Nikki McClure. You can purchase some of her designs here.



Geeky Patches from Storied Threads
[clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4]

I wish I still carried around a backpack so I could make use of these awesome patches from Storied Threads. I think the Galaxy Quest one (upper left) is my favorite. Although, I am kind of partial to the Hawkeye one (bottom right), but that may have more to do with Jeremy Renner than the actual Avengers movie.



Godzilla Wood Idol by Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell’s wood idols are so amazing. I’m kind of in love with this Godzilla one, but she also has a figure of Barf from Spaceballs and E.T. that I’m pretty smitten with as well.
If her styles seems familiar, it may be because I featured her Build Better Boys poster set a while back.



Happy Hands Club by rageteez

In case I ever want to share my love of Napoleon Dynamite with the rest of the world...
(via rageteez)


Star Wars Han Solo and Leia Mug Set from LennyMud

I’m pretty sure I need these mugs in my life. (by LennyMud)



Tentacle Monster Potter by Wild Card Pottery
[clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4]

I seem to have a soft spot for anything with tentacles, including these awesome mugs and spyglass (bottom left) from Wild Card Pottery.



I saved the best for last. This Twilight video from Bad Lip Reading is even better than the first. I cannot stop watching it.
“Wait! I need your hairspray!”
Ahh! So funny.


Ooooh, enjoy your weekend. :)

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