Friday Favorites #43

April 05, 2013

It’s finally that wonderful time again when I share a few of the awesome things happening around the interwebs.

The Doctor returned this past weekend with a surprisingly decent episode [considering how disappointing the first half of the season was] so the internet has been abuzz with lots of Doctor Who related news.

The Doctor and Rose
First off, in case you hadn’t heard yet, David Tennant and Billie Piper have both been confirmed for the 50th Anniversary Special! Sadly, John Barrowman has said that he wont be joining them. Mega bummer. [via Nerd Approved]

Animated Doctor Who Episodes from the Nerdist
If you haven’t been watching Doctor Puppet, you really should be. You can watch the first two episodes here and here.

TARDIS Dress by AliceinIvory on devientArt
I’ve seen A LOT of TARDIS dresses around the internet, but I’m pretty sure that this one by AliceInIvory is my favorite. I love that it’s not a literal interpretation of the TARDIS and that the design is simple enough for everyday wear not just as a costume.

Onto non-Doctor related news…

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by Spineless Classics
Now you can display entire books as art with these beautiful posters from Spineless Classics. Follow the link to browse through their extensive selection, including prints for Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and The Hobbit.

Video Game Children's Book Covers by Joebot Records
Ack! I can’t get over how adorable these Golden Books covers by Joebot Records are! Sadly, they aren’t actual books, but the prints themselves are still pretty rad.

Brick Books by Punk Projects
Let’s all go make painted book bricks for our gardens like Katie of Punk Projects did. Seriously though, how fantastic are these?! I can’t wait to make some.

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m going to Indiana for my first ever women’s conference thing with some girls from church. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully it will be a good experience despite my unfailing social awkwardness. Wish me luck!

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