Friday Favorites #51

May 31, 2013

AndrewHeath - Big Yellow Joint

I had to share Andrew Heath’s “Big Yellow Joint” print in honor of the new season of Arrested Development. So far Andrew (my husband, not the artist) and I have been able to avoid binge watching. We’re a little over half way through the season now and we are loving it!



Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 15th Anniversary Paperback Cover by Kazu Kibuishi Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 15th Anniversary Paperback Cover by Kazu Kibuishi

Graphic novel illustrator Kazu Kibuishi has been commissioned by Scholastic to recreate the covers of the 15th Anniversary Edition paperbacks of the Harry Potter series. The first two covers have been revealed already and they are gorgeous!



LOTR S&P Shakers - Aragorn & Arwen from NeatoShop LOTR S&P Shakers - Frodo Kiss from NeatoShopLOTR S&P Shakers - Gandalf & Saruman from NeatoShop LOTR S&P Shakers - Gollum & Samwise from NeatoShop

I’m not even a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, but I would still love to have any of these salt and pepper shakers from NeatoShop.



Rhys Kitson - CAMP ENDOR (tshirt design) Rhys Kitson - SKI HOTH (tshirt design)

These are a couple of t-shirt designs created by Rhys Kitson. Sadly, they haven’t been picked up by any manufacturers yet, but I really hope they do soon because I am dying to have that Camp Endor shirt.



The Doctor's Cot by Kathleen Gallafraigh via DoctorWhoCrafts on Tublr

The perfect cot for your little Timelord, found via Doctor Who Crafts! And get this, the family’s last name is Gallafraigh. So jealous!



Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Fangirl Fashions #4

May 28, 2013

Harry Potter Book Locket by Junk Studio The Catcher in the Rye Book Locket by Junk StudioThe Hobbit Book Locket by Junk Studio The Fault in Our Stars Locket by Junk Studio

I love these book lockets from Junk Studio! Each locket has two compartments inside for photos or to write your favorite quotes. These are just a few of the books available in the shop, but you can also have a custom locket made to resemble any book of your choosing. How cool is that?



Dalek Blueprint Tee from Her Universe available at ThinkGeek

Her Universe never fails to create awesome geek wear for us fan girls. This Dalek Blue Print Tee is currently available at ThinkGeek.



Jungle Tribe - Holster Bag 1 Jungle Tribe - Holster Bag 2Jungle Tribe - Holster Bag 3 Jungle Tribe - Holster Bag 4

This holster bag from Jungle Tribe would be a great way to add a little bit of steampunk flare to an everyday outfit.



Love Text Print Tights Black from TrendyLegs Love Text Print Tights Grey from TrendyLegs

These Love Text tights are a cute and unique way to show off your love for reading. They feature the love text from Wikipedia, but it would be really awesome to find some tights with text from your favorites books. Hmm… a possible DIY maybe?



Star Trek Command Retro Analogue Watch from Urban Collector

If you’re a Star Trek fan, make sure you don’t miss out on this snazzy watch from Urban Collector, now available for pre-order (projected release date is August 2013).

Friday Favorites #50

May 24, 2013

Abandoned Star Wars Sets photographed by Rä di Martino 1

Does that little hut look familiar? It’s Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on Tatooine – or, actually Tunisia, which was the real life location of the desert planet from Star Wars. Photographer, Ra di Martino discovered the structures while exploring with Google Earth, then traveled to the locations and photographed the abandoned sets.

How amazing would it be to visit this place someday? As if getting to stand where Mark Hamill stood wouldn’t be enough, just imagine the incredible photo ops you’d have! More photos can be seen here.



Arrested Development Poster via Geek Tyrant

Arrested Development’s long awaited season 4 premiers on Netflix in just two days! TWO DAYS!!!



Doctor Who Dalek Kitchen Pot Holder from HuckleberryBaby on Etsy

Geekify your kitchen with this Dalek pot holder from Huckleberry Baby. They also have Whovian themed aprons and bibs.



Steampunk Hot Air Ballon Art from theFiligree on Etsy 2

Steampunk Hot Air Ballon Art from theFiligree on Etsy

These hot air balloon prints from The Filigree are just too pretty not to share.



Wall-E Engagment Ring Box by themodelmaker

Look at this adorable Wall-E engagement ring box made by themodelmaker! How could you even think of saying no with those eyes staring up at you?



Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be heading up to my hometown for a wedding and some much needed best friend time!

Fangirl Fashions #3

May 21, 2013

Draw Them In Dress from ModCloth

The Draw Them In Dress from ModCloth is the perfect addition to any comic loving gal’s wardrobe. I kind of wish the panels were of more traditional graphics like POW! and BAM!, but the romance theme is cute too.



Girl's Don't Read Comics Tote Bag by Kate or Die!

Another great addition for the comic book fangirl is this tote bag designed by Kate or Die. It’s currently out of stock, but according to the site should be restocked within a couple of weeks.



Alice in Wonderland Necklace from Gelivablegift

Escape to Wonderland with this Alice themed pocket watch and charms set from Gelivable Gifts.



DIY Galaxy Shirt by PunkProjects

You can actually DIY this Galaxy/Enterprise t-shirt with Katie’s tutorial.




Tall Ship, Pirate Ship Slouchy Pullover from banyanfreeclothing on Etsy Vintage Steampunk Airship T-Shirt from banyantreeclothing

The Banyan Tree has some great casual steampunk-esque tops to choose from. I really, really love that airship t-shirt. Another item for my never ending wish list.

Friday Favorites #49

May 17, 2013

Adventure Time Monopoly

Adventure Time Monopoly is a thing.



Here are a few of the fan made movie posters for Star Trek: Into Darkness made for Blurppy’s Artist Project.

Blurppy Artist Project - Star Trek Movie Posters - Fernando Rezaby: Fernando Reza


Blurppy Artist Project - Star Trek Movie Posters - Matt Ferguson
by: Matt Ferguson


Blurppy Artist Project - Star Trek Movie Posters - Rodolfo Reyesby: Rodolfo Reyes



Catching Fire Movie Poster

Lionsgate released a gorgeous new poster for Catching Fire this week. It reads, “The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand.”



A full length trailer has already been released for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It looks good, people! You can also see character portraits here and their S.H.I.E.L.D. badges here.

Sheild Badges via TheMarySue



The Maze Runner Concept Art via EW

This is the concept art for the film adaptation of The Maze Runner. It honestly looks just like how I imagined it while reading the book. I’m getting pretty excited about this movie! It comes out February 14, 2014, so mark your calendars. It’s gonna be amazing.

Fangirl Fashions #2

May 14, 2013

Wonder Woman Knit Jumper from Kaby

If you know how to knit you can make yourself this fantastic Wonder Woman jumper with Kabi’s tutorial.



Cat face Tights from Seoul Rhythm (front) Cat face Tights from Seoul Rhythm (back)

How great are these cat tights from Seoul Rhythm? It looks like they’re out of stock though. Bummer. But they don’t look like they’d be too difficult to DIY.



Harry Potter Tank from ThinkGeek

This Hogwarts tank top from ThinkGeek would be great to wear with some leggings in the summer time.


JanineBasil - 1UP Hair Clip JanineBasil - KAPOW Headband
JanineBasil - ZAP Headband JanineBasil - Robot Hair Clip

Janine Basil is my newest Etsy love. Her hair accessories are the perfect mixture of retro, geek, and girly. All of her items are sure to snazz up any outfit.



My Star Wars At-At Pet Pencil Skirt from EngramClothing on Etsy

Because why wouldn’t you want an AT-AT on your pencil skirt? (from Engram Clothing)

Inspiration: Jeff Victor

May 11, 2013

I want to introduce you all to the fantastic artwork of Jeff Victor. Once you see his illustrations I’m sure you’ll have no problems understanding why I’m so excited about them. But first, here’s a little snippet from his about page:

“Jeff Victor is an illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, CA. His work is inspired by films, his childhood, and observing the humor in everyday life.”

I was introduced to his work when I saw this illustration featured on another blog:

Chunk & Sloth 28 Years Later

It’s Sloth and Chunk from The Goonies 28 years later. XD


But, you might remember me mentioning him last week when I shared his submission for a Star Wars art exhibit.

Evolution of Luke Skywalker


I had the toughest time trying to pick out just a few more of his pieces to showcase so… here’s a whole bunch of them.



Bring Out Your Dead

Fish Fight

Night Glow

The Body

The Evolution of Gary Oldman

Welcome to Skull Island

He has a great range of work and he’s constantly trying out new techniques and posting new sketches to his blog. His posts for the 30 Day Drawing Challenges he participates in are truly inspiring to me. I think I might just have to join in on a challenge… Also, I really wish this print was for sale:

White Haired Girl


You can see more of Jeff Victor’s work here:

website // blog // facebook // shop