Friday Favorites #50

May 24, 2013

Abandoned Star Wars Sets photographed by Rä di Martino 1

Does that little hut look familiar? It’s Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on Tatooine – or, actually Tunisia, which was the real life location of the desert planet from Star Wars. Photographer, Ra di Martino discovered the structures while exploring with Google Earth, then traveled to the locations and photographed the abandoned sets.

How amazing would it be to visit this place someday? As if getting to stand where Mark Hamill stood wouldn’t be enough, just imagine the incredible photo ops you’d have! More photos can be seen here.



Arrested Development Poster via Geek Tyrant

Arrested Development’s long awaited season 4 premiers on Netflix in just two days! TWO DAYS!!!



Doctor Who Dalek Kitchen Pot Holder from HuckleberryBaby on Etsy

Geekify your kitchen with this Dalek pot holder from Huckleberry Baby. They also have Whovian themed aprons and bibs.



Steampunk Hot Air Ballon Art from theFiligree on Etsy 2

Steampunk Hot Air Ballon Art from theFiligree on Etsy

These hot air balloon prints from The Filigree are just too pretty not to share.



Wall-E Engagment Ring Box by themodelmaker

Look at this adorable Wall-E engagement ring box made by themodelmaker! How could you even think of saying no with those eyes staring up at you?



Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll be heading up to my hometown for a wedding and some much needed best friend time!

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