Portfolio: Breanna’s Wedding Invitations

May 02, 2013

When Breanna asked me to make her wedding invitations she was thinking of using turquoise, peach, and grey as her colors and incorporating pinwheels into the décor. Using those ideas I put together a few different sets of invitations for her to choose from.

For one set, I designed a colorful pinwheel and incorporated it into an invitation, RSVP card, and information card.


I also wanted to make a set that wasn’t so specific to the décor. I used the color palette she asked for, but made a simple bunting banner design instead. This way she still had a cute and trendy invitation without the pinwheels just in case she changed her mind about wanting them as decorations.


In the end Breanna chose this set based off of the original sketches I showed her.



You can see some pictures from her wedding day here.

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