Inspiration: Jeff Victor

May 11, 2013

I want to introduce you all to the fantastic artwork of Jeff Victor. Once you see his illustrations I’m sure you’ll have no problems understanding why I’m so excited about them. But first, here’s a little snippet from his about page:

“Jeff Victor is an illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, CA. His work is inspired by films, his childhood, and observing the humor in everyday life.”

I was introduced to his work when I saw this illustration featured on another blog:

Chunk & Sloth 28 Years Later

It’s Sloth and Chunk from The Goonies 28 years later. XD


But, you might remember me mentioning him last week when I shared his submission for a Star Wars art exhibit.

Evolution of Luke Skywalker


I had the toughest time trying to pick out just a few more of his pieces to showcase so… here’s a whole bunch of them.



Bring Out Your Dead

Fish Fight

Night Glow

The Body

The Evolution of Gary Oldman

Welcome to Skull Island

He has a great range of work and he’s constantly trying out new techniques and posting new sketches to his blog. His posts for the 30 Day Drawing Challenges he participates in are truly inspiring to me. I think I might just have to join in on a challenge… Also, I really wish this print was for sale:

White Haired Girl


You can see more of Jeff Victor’s work here:

website // blog // facebook // shop

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