Fangirl Fashions #6

June 11, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Apron from HauteMessThreads Boba Fett Aprom from HauteMessThreadsHarley Quinn Apron from HauteMessThreads Ursula Apron from HauteMessThreads

If I had one of these awesome aprons from Haute Mess Threads, I might actually want to cook on a daily basis. [clockwise 1, 2, 3, 4] They have a ton of geeky themed aprons to choose from – Disney villains, Star Wars characters, and Hogwarts house uniforms to name a few – so make sure you check them out.


Hyrule Crest Varsity Jacket from Much Needed Merch

Show the world that you graduated from Hyrule University with this Legend of Zelda varsity jacket form Much Needed Merch.


Liquid Luck Necklace from fallen_saint_designs on Ebay

This Liquid Luck necklace isn’t technically themed after the potion from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add it to your outfit for a bit of wizarding whimsy.


Lightsaber Sunglasses from Hot Topic (blue)Lightsaber Sunglasses from Hot Topic (green)Lightsaber Sunglasses from Hot Topic

These Star Wars lightsaber sunglasses from Hot Topic are the bomb! Does anyone still say “the bomb”? Well, whatever, they’re really cool and I definitely want to get myself a pair.
(blue, green, red)


Sloth Rings from CuriousBurrow on Etsy

Do you love sloths even half as much as Kristen Bell? Then you’ll love these sloth rings from Curious Burrow.



P.S. Today is mine and Andrew’s 3rd year anniversary! We’re celebrating with cheesecake and going to find me an evening gown for a fancy shmancy black tie wedding we’re attending soon. I might have to insist that we stop at Hot Topic while we’re out though so I can get myself a pair of those sunglasses. ;)

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