Fangirl Fashions #7

June 18, 2013

Vintage Star Wars Blue Print in Green Dress from CakeShopCouture Star Wars Comic Dress by CakeShopCouture

These Star Wars dress from Cake Shop Couture are adorable! I love the vintage blueprint! Sadly the fabric has been discontinued and the owner only has enough fabric left for two more custom sized dresses. So you’d better hurry on over to their shop and order one while you can!


Adventure Time Leggings from Hot Topic

I’m not sure I could pull these Adventure Time leggings off, but they sure are fun to look at!


Steampunk Turtle Necklace from CosmicFIrefly on Etsy

How adorable is this little steampunk inspired turtle necklace from Cosmic Firefly?


Terrors of the Fire Swamp Tee  from SnorgTees

Come see the terrors of the Fire Swamp! Be wary of lightning sand, evade the flame spurts, and protect yourself from the horrifying Rodents of Unusual Size! (available at SnorgTees)


TLOZ Purse from DisturbinglyAdorable on Etsy

Having trouble carrying around all your rupees? Not anymore, as long as you equip yourself with this Legend of Zelda purse from Disturbingly Adorable.



See some awesome fangirl fashions you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments and have a great rest of the week!

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