Free Download: Romans 8:28 Print

June 12, 2013

Free Download: Romans 8:28 Print |

I don’t usually like to quote these types of verses because I feel like they’re very overused, get taken out of context way too often, and are usually just to make people feel like their lives should be all happy sunshine and rainbows. But that’s just not the case. God never says He’s going to make our lives easy or wonderful or that He even wants us to be happy.

That’s why I like this verse. It doesn’t say that God will make good things happen for us, but that what He does is good. God is always good. Even when your circumstances are horrible He is still good. Even if you suffer your entire life, God is still good because your suffering is only temporary thanks to His love and mercy.

/theologicalrant. Here’s your printable. :)

Free Download: Romans 8:28 Print |


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talesofkaty said...

i'm a new follower on bloglovin'. this printable is pretty, but the real reason for my comment is because your theological rant is awesome and spot-on.

Melissa Whitcher said...

They may be overused, but they remain true nevertheless. Love this verse. Thank you for sharing!


Craftivity Designs said...

Thumbs Up to your theologicalrant. Love the printable! Sharing the link to your post to our twitter followers.
- Lora @ Craftivity Designs

Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful explanation!