Friday Favorites #52

June 07, 2013

Adventure Time Tattoo

Check out this sweet Adventure Time totem pole tattoo! It’s such a unique design and the colors are perfect. (via FYeahTattos)



MATH Adventure Time Cartoon Comics Collage by Power Up Collage

Speaking of Adventure Time, Power Up Collage makes these amazing collages from upcycled comics. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman are among her collection as well. You can even have a custom collage made with your choice of colors, comic, and word. Pretty nifty.

WHOOSH Original Superman and Wonder Woman DC Comics Collage by Power Up Collage

Have you guys seen The Portal Bedroom yet? It’s an entire blog that covers the steps taken to create this amazing Portal bedroom. The designer even created portals using custom LEDs and oval mirrors.

Andrew and I have talked about doing a Portal themed nursery if we ever decide to reproduce. This room has definitely given me some extra inspiration.



Lego Ewok Village

An Ewok Village Lego set is coming soon! This thing is huge! Like almost 2,000 pieces huge and comes with 17 minifigs. It’s got a ton of little details too including the roasting pit where they try to cook Han and Luke for dinner! (via Nerd Approved)

Lego Ewok Village



Star Wars Pulp Style Book Cover Art by Timothy Anderson

Also in the world of Star Wars are these fantastic pulp style book cover illustrations from Timothy Anderson. Each piece represents a different film from the Original Trilogy, but with fun, new titles.

Star Wars Pulp Style Book Cover Art by Timothy Anderson 2

Star Wars Pulp Style Book Cover Art by Timothy Anderson 3



Have a great weekend everybody! Have any cool plans you’d care to share?

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