Friday Favorites #53

June 14, 2013

BMO Tea Pot from Jade Flower on Etsy

This BMO tea pot from Jade Flower is just too adorable. Unfortunately it’s sold old, but there are a few other geeky items for sale in her shop including a companion cube piggy bank and a Dalek creamer pitcher (WHAAAT!?!) It’s awesome. Check it out.


Bowser Sweater for Your Turtle by Squirrel Picnic

Your turtle just might start breathing fire and throwing hammers if you make it this Bowser sweater. A full tutorial can be found over at Squirrel Picnic.


ChetArt - I Aim To Misbehave on Etsy

Artist Chet Phillips captures all of the best moments from Firefly in just one illustration, which you can purchase in his Etsy shop.


Galaxy Floor by Graffiti Decoration

Galaxy Floor by Graffiti Decoration

Galaxy Floor by Graffiti Decoration

This entire floor was painted by the French team Graffiti Decoration to look like the wooden floor boards are breaking apart and falling into space. So cool! And so beautiful. I love how even the columns were incorporated into the design. More pictures can be seen at Obviously Winning.



Aw man! Why wasn’t I as cool as TheDeluxeWar when I was in high school? Seriously though, can you even think of a couple sweeter than Ron and Hermione to dress as for prom?


See something cool you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email and have a happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. OMGOOOOSHHHH the Ron and Hermione couple?!?!?!? WAY TOO CUTE!!!


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