Friday Favorites #54

June 21, 2013

MrObvious - Abduction Story Poster via Etsy

I kind of have a thing for aliens, so I imminently fell in love with this Abduction Story Poster from Mark Gonyea.


Pit of Sarlacc Knit Hand Puppet from pandacatification on DeviantArt

Have you ever wanted to dress your hand up like the mighty Sarlacc inside the Pit of Carkoon? Well now you can with this hand puppet made by DeviantArt user pandacatification.


I already shared my feelings on Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who, but here is little Lindalee with her thoughts on the matter.


The kraken Umbrella by The Kraken Supply Shop

Can we stop for a moment and admire this Kraken Umbrella from The Kraken Supply Shop? Just look at that tentacle handle!


My Cabbages! Avatar Cabage Merchant Cosplay by Victor Sgroi

And finally, I will leave you with this. (via Nerdalicious) Have a great weekend!

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