My Life in… May 2013

June 02, 2013

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celebrated the anniversary of Voldy's defeat // watermelon! // my cat sheds a lot in the summer

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ice cream date! // celebrated Star Wars day with a Boba Fett tee and Return of the Jedi

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DIY’d some purple ombre hair // cupcake time!

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we moved our bed in front of the window, but left space for Hugo to get in the window sill, so now he pokes his head up over the headboard every morning when we wake up // first cookout // Andrew surprised me with flowers

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some favorites from the StyleMeMay challenge

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we have two families of geese that frequent our yard // Hugo was entranced by Life of Pi // helped deal with the heartbreaking Oklahoma tornado by making this quick drawing

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worked on a couple of projects (posts coming soon) // new season of Arrested Development!

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encouraging doodles // got me some bangs

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