My Thoughts on Matt Smith’s Departure from Doctor Who

June 03, 2013

Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who
If you hadn't heard yet, Matt Smith's time as the 11th Doctor is coming to an end. He'll return for the 50th Anniversary Special in November and the Christmas Special at the end of the year, but then he'll be saying his final Geronimo. You can read more about it including statements from both Matt Smith and Steven Moffat over at Geek Tyrant.

I'm actually not that sad about this news. Don't get me wrong, I love Matt as the Doctor, but I think it is time for him to go. Honestly with the way this past season went, he probably should have left sooner. Not that the season was bad on his account, the episodes were just weird. And don't even get me started on Amy and Rory's farewell...

Anyway, I'm excited to see who our new Doctor will be - he'll be regenerating in the Christmas Special. I'm also looking forward to seeing how they incorporate John Hurt as some form of the 9th Doctor in the Anniversary Special (more details on that here). It will also be interesting to see how Clara fits into the story and whether or not River will return. The season 7 finale made it seem like she wasn't finished with the Doctor yet, but I feel like if Matt's leaving then it's probably time for her character's story to end as well. (River's story, not Clara's, who is supposed to be returning for season 8)

Those are just my thoughts though. Any fellow Whovians want to weigh in on this?

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