Friday Favorites #60

August 30, 2013

Avengers Assembled - The Assassin by Digital Theory Avengers Assembled - The Beast by Digital TheoryAvengers Assembled - The Myth by Digital Theory Avengers Assembled - The Ranger by Digital Theory
Black Widow // Hulk // Thor // Hawkeye

I love everything about Digital Theory’s set of Avengers Assemble artwork. The minimalist design, the colors, and the titles under each character – perfect! Hawkeye is my favorite for obvious reasons. You can see the rest of the set in his Etsy shop.



Boba Fett Themed Backpack from Super Hero Stuff

I want to go back to school for a lot of reasons, but being able to have and use this Boba Fett inspired backpack is pretty high on the list.



Final Fantasy Moogle and Chocobo Love Greeting Card by Turtles Soup

I love all of the different video game and pop culture themed greeting cards from Turtle Soup, but this Moogle and Chocobo card has got to be my favorite. So cute!



Star Trek Enterprise Rug from ThinkGeek

I’m not much of a Trekkie myself, but even I can admit that this Enterprise rug from ThinkGeek is pretty rad. I also love the little tribble pillows!



Horse Cosplay via Cheeburger

This horse really wants to be a dragon. (via Cheezburger)



Hope you have a stellar weekend! I’m going to visit my family and hometown friends for the week while Andrew goes on a road trip to the Grand Canyon with his dad!

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2]

August 29, 2013

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

A couple of months ago I shared part of our bedroom – mostly just the part where I keep my clothes and jewelry organized. Today I’d like to show you the rest of the bedroom. It’s a pretty tiny room so there isn’t much else to see, but here it goes anyway…

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

This is the space right about our closet. I had originally had the canvas polaroid display hanging between the A and K, but I couldn’t get the thing to stay on the wall no matter how many of those stupid wall mounting strips I put on it.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

So, I poked a hole on the inside side of each letter and strung floral wire between them. Then I took the pictures from the canvas and hung them on the wire with clothes pins. Improvising FTW!

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

I got these gold frames on sale at Pat Catans for like $2 a long time ago. I didn’t really want anymore pictures of us hanging around the room, especially ones big enough for those frames, so Andrew and I chose some scrapbook paper we both liked. I wanted more clockwork pieces, but Andrew really liked the typewriter and numbers. I think they turned out well and they add just the tiniest, tiniest bit of steampunk to our room.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

This is my little work station where I do all of my blogging and designing. The desk is from IKEA and can actually be folded down and out of the way when I'm not using it. Even so, it is a bit cramped, but it’s what works best given the layout of our apartment. I don’t have a desktop (well I do, but the graphics card is completely effed up) so I use my husband’s old netbook (that he got for free after the one he had bought malfunctioned). The screen is busted so I have to hook a monitor up to it, which is good for when I’m designing, but it limits my mobility. Someday I hope to have a shiny new MacBook that I can take wherever I want to do work, but until then this set up will have to do. Also, I wish I had a cuter mouse pad.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

Above Andrew’s dresser is the Star Wars inspired banner I made a while ago.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

And then there’s our bed, which takes up about 80% of the room. Andrew’s mom made this quilt for us the first Christmas after we were married and it pretty much stays on our bed year round. It’s just so beautiful I can’t bare to stash it away even during the summer time.


Welp, that’s about it for our room. I don’t plan on doing anything else in here. We’ll probably be moving at the end of this year, so I’m not too eager to put much more work into this place. I like how it looks though and I’m kind of proud of myself for actually decorating this room considering no one else really sees it, but us.

Have you ever had trouble finding the motivation to decorate rental spaces?

// sometimes I share my projects, printables, and home decor on these sites. //

Fangirl Fashions #14

August 27, 2013

Harry Potter Inspired Womans Sweater from Tomorrows Unknown

I love the simplicity of this Harry Potter sweatshirt from TomorrowsUnknown.



BAM Recycled Vintage Comic Book Necklace from Comic Salvage KAPOW Recycled Vintage Comic Book Necklace from Comic SalvageWHAM Recycled Vintage Comic Book Necklace from Comic Salvage Wonder Woman Recycled Vintage Comic Book Necklace from Comic Salvage
BAM // KA-POW // WHAM // Wonder Woman

If you like comics then you have to check out Comics Salvage. Sue Smith, the owner, recycles old comic books and turns them into jewelry and accessories. She even had a pair of her cuff links given to Tom Felton! So jealous.


Star Wars Leggings from We Love Fine

There have been a lot of geeky leggings going around lately, most of which I think would be really hard for most ladies to pull off or feel comfortable wearing, but I can see these Star Wars leggings from We Love Fine working easily with a simple black or white tunic.



Triforce Skirt from Closet Creeper

Add some Zelda to your wardrobe with this Triforce Skirt from Closet Creeper.



Umbrella Corporation from Austin Moore

If you love Resident Evil almost as much as you love your fiancĂ©, then this Umbrella Corporation engagement ring from Austin Moore might be exactly what you’re looking for!



See some awesome fangirl fashions you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email. And, as always, hope you have a great day and an awesome rest of the week!

Friday Favorites #59

August 23, 2013

Airbender Pocahontas by Racookie3 on DeviantArt Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors by Racookie3 on DeviantArtRapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors by Racookie3 on DeviantArt Swamp Bender Tiana by Racookie3 on DeviantArt

How incredible is this Disney Princess/Avatar cross over artwork? These are just a few of my favorites (I particularly love Tiana as a swamp bender and Pascal as a little dragon). Deviant Artist RaCookie3 has an entire set of these mash ups in his gallery.



Harry Potter cast members at the first and last movie premiers via Geek Tyrant

Here’s a fun set of photos comparing the Harry Potter cast’s first and last movie premiers.
(via Geek Tyrant)



Plants vs Zombies Lawn Ornaments from ThinkGeek

You know you want these Plants vs. Zombie lawn ornaments from ThinkGeek.



Star Trek Cat Tree DIY from hatstand4510 on Instructables

Let your cat boldly go where no cat has gone before with this DIY Star Trek cat tree. Step by step instructions can be found here.



Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookend Set from Big Bad Toy Store

These book ends would look great on any Imperial Officer’s bookcase.




Enjoy your weekend!

Introducing August Decorous

August 22, 2013

August Decorous |

I finally did it. I opened a shop on Society 6 to start selling some of my artwork. It’s not much right now, but I have big plans for this shop and my business as a whole. The name August Decorous is a play on my and my best friend's last names. It’s always been a small dream of ours to have a business together, and even though it’s just me running the show right now, we still hope to become partners one day. Plus, the name kind of sounds like a Harry Potter spell. So there’s that.

At the moment I just have variations of a few prints that I’ve posted here on the blog up for sale, and they’re only available as prints and stretched canvas. Later on I’ll be adding other prints (some that you’ve seen here on the blog and others that are completely new) as well as making some of my designs available as shirts, phone cases, etc.

One thing I need to figure out first though… what to do about my “free printables”. I love offering them to you guys and they’re a great way to showcase my work in a way that attracts new readers/fans. But, obviously, there are going to be people who won’t see the point in paying to have a design professionally printed (and maybe even framed) when it’s offered for a free download elsewhere, even if that means it wont look as good.

I definitely don’t want to stop offering free printables, so I’ve come up with a couple of solutions and would love to hear your input for choosing the best option.

  • OPTION 1: Offer free printables as a JPEG files (instead of vector based PDF illustrations as I’ve been doing) and only have them available for download for a week or two before they’re no longer available for free.
  • OPTION 2: Offer free printables at a smaller size than what I’m selling them as (these would also be JPEGs so they couldn’t just be resized without causing major loss in quality) but the download would never be taken down.

With either option there will probably still be some free pintables that I post on the blog that I don’t put for sale in the shop and those would stay in the same format that I’ve been doing.

I hope you can understand where I’m coming from with these changes. I don’t want to just take away the free downloads because I feel that would be super douchey, but at the same time I don’t want to lose any potential sales because of them.

So what do you guys think? Do either of those sound like decent ideas? Please let me know your thoughts!

Fangirl Fashions #13

August 20, 2013

Adevnture Time Finn's Golden Sword Hair Barrette from Stars and Swords

What time is it? Time to buy this Adventure Time sword clip from Stars and Swords!



Boba Fett Fitted T Shirt from Super Hero Stuff

Make cosplaying easy with this Boba Fett fitted tee from Super Hero Stuff.



Mens Zelda Weding Band from Earth Art Jewelry and Gem Zelda Wedding Band from Earth Art Jewelry and GemTARDIS Ring from Earth Art Jewelry and Gem Super Mario Bros Brick Ring from Earth Art Jewelry and Gem
His & Hers Zelda Weddings Bands // TARDIS // Mario

Looking for an engagement ring to suit your fandom loving heart? Be sure to take a look at the awesome selection of rings at Earth Art Jewelry and Gem.



River Song Sweatshirt from Totally Cool

I love this Gallifreyan design from Totally Cool Tees. It’s also available on t-shirts, hoodies, and even phone cases.



Star Wars Wedges from DeckoFab on Etsy

Here is another fabulous pair of decoupage Star Wars shoes. These ones are from Decko Fab.



See some awesome fangirl fashions you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email. And, as always, hope have a great day and an awesome rest of the week!

Friday Favorites #58

August 16, 2013

If Disney Princesses Had Instagram - Mulan by B for Bel If Disney Princesses Had Instagram - Rapunzel by B for Bel

“If Disney Princesses Had Instagram” by B for Bel. These are just a couple of my favorites. There are a bunch more at the link with plenty of Mean Girl quotes in the comments. Disney Princesses + Anything = Awesome. Mean Girls + Anything = Awesome. So, you know, they're pretty much just an explosion of awesomeness and you should check them out.


It’s Thorested Development, complete with as many inside jokes from the show as you can possibly fit into a minute and a half.


Potter Pets - Dumbledore and Fawkes by Casey Robin Potter Pets - Hagrid and Norberta by Casey RobinPotter Pets - Hermione and Crookshanks by Casey Robin Potter Pets - Voldemort and Nagini by Casey Robin(dumbledore // hagrid // hermione // voldemort)

And the award for cutest Harry Potter fan art goes to Casey Robin for her adorable Potter Pets series. Yep, these are definitely going on my wishlist. She has a lot of other fantastic artwork for sale in her shop, so be sure to check it out.


Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Bookcase from Whittled In Wood on Etsy

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bookcase from Whittled in Wood on Etsy

Bookshelves shaped like AT-ATs and the Millennium Falcon? Yes, please! (Whittled in Wood)


Everytime via Cat vs Human

Every. Time. (via Cat vs. Human)


Have a great weekend!

Fangirl Fashions #12

August 13, 2013

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Skirt from Nonstop Fandom Shop

This TARDIS skirt from Nonstop Fandom Shop is fantastic! It has just the right touch of geek without being over the top so you could easily wear it anytime. Plus, the sign is a pocket. THE SIGN IS A POCKET!



Green Lightsaber Earrings form Big Bad Toy Store Red Lightsaber Earrings form Big Bad Toy Store

Another great way to add a bit of geek pride to your outfit is with little accessories, like these lightsaber earrings from Big Bad Toy Store, or this Aperture belt from Jinx.

Portal 2 Aperture Leather Belt from Jinx

Harry Potter Themed Heels from The Nerd Boutique

Even if you don’t like wearing high heels, you have to admit that these Harry Potter pumps from The Nerd Boutique are pretty awesome.


Totoro Hoodie from Apricot Clothing on Etsy

This Totoro hoodie form Apricot Clothing looks both adorable and super soft and cozy. It almost makes me wish it were fall. Almost. ;)


See some awesome fangirl fashions you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email. And, as always, hope have a great day and an awesome rest of the week!

The Dublin Irish Festival

August 12, 2013

The Dublin Irish Festival |

Last weekend Andrew and I went to the Dublin Irish Festival in, of course, Dublin, OH. He’s a huge fan of traditional Irish folk music so he was really excited to go and I was just happy to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day. Andrew’s parents and younger sister met up with us later in the day and we spent the afternoon listening to bagpipes, looking at sand sculptures, and watching traditional Irish dancing. Oh, and kilts. We saw lots and lots of kilts. Even the dogs were wearing them!

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

The Dublin Irish Festival |

Have you been to any fun festivals this summer?