Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2]

August 29, 2013

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

A couple of months ago I shared part of our bedroom – mostly just the part where I keep my clothes and jewelry organized. Today I’d like to show you the rest of the bedroom. It’s a pretty tiny room so there isn’t much else to see, but here it goes anyway…

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

This is the space right about our closet. I had originally had the canvas polaroid display hanging between the A and K, but I couldn’t get the thing to stay on the wall no matter how many of those stupid wall mounting strips I put on it.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

So, I poked a hole on the inside side of each letter and strung floral wire between them. Then I took the pictures from the canvas and hung them on the wire with clothes pins. Improvising FTW!

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

I got these gold frames on sale at Pat Catans for like $2 a long time ago. I didn’t really want anymore pictures of us hanging around the room, especially ones big enough for those frames, so Andrew and I chose some scrapbook paper we both liked. I wanted more clockwork pieces, but Andrew really liked the typewriter and numbers. I think they turned out well and they add just the tiniest, tiniest bit of steampunk to our room.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

This is my little work station where I do all of my blogging and designing. The desk is from IKEA and can actually be folded down and out of the way when I'm not using it. Even so, it is a bit cramped, but it’s what works best given the layout of our apartment. I don’t have a desktop (well I do, but the graphics card is completely effed up) so I use my husband’s old netbook (that he got for free after the one he had bought malfunctioned). The screen is busted so I have to hook a monitor up to it, which is good for when I’m designing, but it limits my mobility. Someday I hope to have a shiny new MacBook that I can take wherever I want to do work, but until then this set up will have to do. Also, I wish I had a cuter mouse pad.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

Above Andrew’s dresser is the Star Wars inspired banner I made a while ago.

Bits of Home: Our Bedroom [Part 2] |

And then there’s our bed, which takes up about 80% of the room. Andrew’s mom made this quilt for us the first Christmas after we were married and it pretty much stays on our bed year round. It’s just so beautiful I can’t bare to stash it away even during the summer time.


Welp, that’s about it for our room. I don’t plan on doing anything else in here. We’ll probably be moving at the end of this year, so I’m not too eager to put much more work into this place. I like how it looks though and I’m kind of proud of myself for actually decorating this room considering no one else really sees it, but us.

Have you ever had trouble finding the motivation to decorate rental spaces?

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Smallgood said...

It's lovely. That quilt is amazing. I can see why you'd leave it on year round.

We live in a rental. This is the first where I feel pretty confident about putting holes in the wall (plenty before we came).

Ann K said...

Cute photo hanging idea with the clothespins! Love the simplicity of it. I collect quilts, (old and new). I like the unique color combinations and I don't think I've ever seen that design before. Thanks for sharing.
Ann @ Cairn Cottage

Rustown Mom said...

"I love you, I know" - that's great! And it's sweet that you have that quilt in there year-round - very beautiful, too.