Fangirl Fashions #12

August 13, 2013

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Skirt from Nonstop Fandom Shop

This TARDIS skirt from Nonstop Fandom Shop is fantastic! It has just the right touch of geek without being over the top so you could easily wear it anytime. Plus, the sign is a pocket. THE SIGN IS A POCKET!



Green Lightsaber Earrings form Big Bad Toy Store Red Lightsaber Earrings form Big Bad Toy Store

Another great way to add a bit of geek pride to your outfit is with little accessories, like these lightsaber earrings from Big Bad Toy Store, or this Aperture belt from Jinx.

Portal 2 Aperture Leather Belt from Jinx

Harry Potter Themed Heels from The Nerd Boutique

Even if you don’t like wearing high heels, you have to admit that these Harry Potter pumps from The Nerd Boutique are pretty awesome.


Totoro Hoodie from Apricot Clothing on Etsy

This Totoro hoodie form Apricot Clothing looks both adorable and super soft and cozy. It almost makes me wish it were fall. Almost. ;)


See some awesome fangirl fashions you think I’d like to feature? Leave a link in the comments or send me an email. And, as always, hope have a great day and an awesome rest of the week!

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