Friday Favorites #59

August 23, 2013

Airbender Pocahontas by Racookie3 on DeviantArt Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors by Racookie3 on DeviantArtRapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors by Racookie3 on DeviantArt Swamp Bender Tiana by Racookie3 on DeviantArt

How incredible is this Disney Princess/Avatar cross over artwork? These are just a few of my favorites (I particularly love Tiana as a swamp bender and Pascal as a little dragon). Deviant Artist RaCookie3 has an entire set of these mash ups in his gallery.



Harry Potter cast members at the first and last movie premiers via Geek Tyrant

Here’s a fun set of photos comparing the Harry Potter cast’s first and last movie premiers.
(via Geek Tyrant)



Plants vs Zombies Lawn Ornaments from ThinkGeek

You know you want these Plants vs. Zombie lawn ornaments from ThinkGeek.



Star Trek Cat Tree DIY from hatstand4510 on Instructables

Let your cat boldly go where no cat has gone before with this DIY Star Trek cat tree. Step by step instructions can be found here.



Star Wars Imperial Seal Bookend Set from Big Bad Toy Store

These book ends would look great on any Imperial Officer’s bookcase.




Enjoy your weekend!

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