DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow

September 05, 2013

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

It’s probably obvious by now that we love Adventure Time in this house, and for some reason whenever I see Peppermint Butler, I just think that he would make a really cute pillow. So, I decided to make one! It even has pose-able arms and legs and a little coat tail in the back!

There are a lot of steps to this and it is very time consuming, but it’s all pretty easy to do and doesn’t require much sewing talent (which is why I was able to do it). Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |


  • round pillow (I used 14”x14”)
  • white, navy, and red fabric (and matching thread)
  • sewing machine
  • black embroidery thread and needle
  • 4 black buttons
  • hot glue gun (optional)
  • scissors
  • wire
  • a picture of Peppermint Butler to go by


Okay, so, first things first; you need to cut out your fabric pieces.

THE BODY:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. & 2. find a round object that’s about the size of your pillow and trace it onto the white fabric leaving about 1.25” space along the edge and cut it out
3. using the first circle as a guide, trace two pieces that curve half way and then go out straight – these will be the back flaps of the pillow so you want them to be long enough to overlap


THE SUIT:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. using the body piece from before, trace a little less than half of it onto the navy fabric and cut
2. using the first piece as a guide, trace two pieces that curve half way and then go out straight – like in the previous steps, these will go on the back flaps so make sure they’re roughly the same size
3. cut out two tail pieces from the navy fabric
4. cut a triangle of white fabric for his shirt


THE ARMS & LEGS:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. cut out four rectangles for the arms and legs (I cut mine way longer than they needed to be just to be cautious)
2. cut out two rectangles of white fabric for the cuffs (make sure they’re the same width as the sleeves)
3. cut out four hand shapes
4. cut out 4 feet shapes


THE BOW TIE:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

I made the bow tie pretty much the exact same way that I did for my Star Wars bows, so you can head on over their for that tutorial if you need it.


Now, you’re ready to start sewing!


THE FACE & SUITDIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. use the black embroidery thread to sew his eyes and mouth onto the circle of white fabric (just use a picture of PB for size and placement reference)
2. fold the top hem of the suit and pin it onto the body
3. sew straight across, attaching the suit to the body


THE SHIRT & BOW TIEDIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. sew two buttons onto the shirt fabric
2. fold, pin, and iron the hem of the shirt and trim any pieces that hang over the edge
3. sew onto the top center of the suit/body
4. hot glue (or sew if you prefer) the bow tie on top of the shirt


THE COAT TAILDIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. sew the two tail pieces together, leaving the top open
2. flip right side out
3. fold and pin the top flap
4. decide which piece of the back panels is going to be on top and sew the tail onto it – use your best judgment to make sure it will be centered on the back of the pillow once the whole thing is pieced together (sorry if that’s not very clear, I don’t know how else to explain it)


THE BACK PANELS:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Sew the navy back panels onto the white back panels – use white thread where the pink line is and navy where the blue lines are. Make sure you fold the edges over first to hem the panels and don’t sew over top of the coat tail. Also make sure that the back pieces will be aligned with each other and the front of the suit once it’s all sewn together.


THE STRIPES:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

For the stripes you’ll need to sew the top half of the pillow together first. The photo only shows one panel on top of the front, but obviously you’ll pin both in place before sewing. Just make sure that you put the panel with the coat tail down first, so it’s touching the face.

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. place the case over the pillow to see exactly what the shape will be like
2. use a piece of paper to create a template for the stripes based on the curvature of the pillow
3. cut seven pieces of red fabric based on the template (I used fabric that doesn’t fray so I didn’t need to hem it, but if you need to hem yours, make sure you leave extra space along the edges)
4. to sew the stripes on you’ll need to open the pillow up so that the seem across the top is flat so you don’t sew the front and back pieces of the pillow together (I hope that makes enough sense… I’m really not too good at explaining these things)


THE HANDS & FEET:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Just sew the hand and feet pieces together following the shape that you cut out and leaving the top open. Then flip them right side out and set aside.


THE ARMS & LEGS:DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. sew a button onto each cuff
2. fold the top and bottom of the cuff over to hem and sew onto on the sleeve
3. fold the sleeve like a hot dog with the inside of the fabric facing out and sew the cuff in place
4. I turned the sleeve right side out, then stuffed the hand in place and sewed it across the bottom of the arm, but that’s really not the best way to do it…

Here’s what you should do instead:

4. leave the arm inside out, take one of the hands and place it upside down in the sleeve so that the rectangular bit is hanging out (see pic below) and THEN sew it onto the sleeve – if you do what I did then you’ll end up having to flip the sleeve right side out and then inside out and then right side out again – waaaay more work than you need to do

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Now you can sew the remaining length of the arm, but don’t pull it right side out yet.

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

To make the arms and legs pose-able, you’ll need to put a wire inside of them. I used floral wire, because it was all I had on hand, but you should probably use something sturdier. To keep the wire in place I stuck it through one of the thread loops that attached the cuffed onto the sleeve. NOW you can pull the whole thing right side out.

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Repeat on the other arm and do the same thing (minus the cuffs) for the legs.


Now it’s finally time to piece it all together.


DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

1. pin the arms and legs in place so that they’re the opposite of how you want them to be when the pillow is turned right side out
2. pin the back panels in place
3. sew along the bottom curve and cut away the extra bits of arms and legs that are poking out


Flip the case right side out, put it on the pillow, and you are done!

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Phew! That was a lot of work, but look at this adorableness! It was totally worth it, don’t you think? I have my Peppermint Butler sitting on the record table in our living room.

DIY: Peppermint Butler Pillow |

Hopefully he won’t try to take our flesh while we’re sleeping… We don’t owe him any favors though, so I think we’re good. ;)

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing how to make it. We are big Adventure Time fans too. :)

    Law Student to Life Student:

  2. Is so funi cute piwoll!!!
    Well done!Thanks for a great tutorial!
    big hugs from Greece!

  3. Hi Kimberly! This pillow is so cute! I'm not very good at sewing but I really want to make this. This makes me want to take out my sewing kit and borrow someone's sewing machine! Pinned this.

  4. Cute pillow! I really like his red bow tie!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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