Fangirl Fashions #20

January 21, 2014

FullMetal Alchemist Flamel Cross Long Necklace from KrystalLAtelier on Etsy

Show of your alchemic skills with this pendant necklace from Etsy seller KrystalLAtelier featuring the Flamel Cross or "Ed's Symbol".



Marauder's Map Infinity KNIT Scarf from Nerd Alert Creations

You’ll never get lost at Hogwarts as long as you have this fantastic Marauder’s Map infinity scarf from Nerd Alert Creations.



Mother of Dragons Womens Racerback from Sunshine Cupcake

Be the Mother of Disney Dragons with this adorable tank top from Sunshine Cupcakes on Etsy.



Rupee - Rupoor Bracelet from Broken Clay Pots

Always have some spare Rupees at hand with this beautiful bracelet form Broken Clay Pots on Etsy.

TARDIS Sweater from We Love Fine The Empire Strikes Back Sweater from We Love FineX-Men Sweater from We Love Fine BMO Sweater from We Love Fine

TARDIS // The Empire Strikes Back // X-Men // BMO

Stay warm, cozy, and geeky this winter with these knit sweaters from We Love Fine.


  1. I love your Fangirl Fashions column! I think I may have to have that Marauders' Map scarf...

  2. That scarf is pretty magnificent! So glad you like this segment! I figured I couldn't be the only lady out there looking for more fashionable geeky attire. :)


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