My Life in March, April, & May 2014

June 09, 2014

Long time no post! It’s been pretty quiet around here for the past few months, but I’m ready to start this little blog back up and post regularly again. I even made a new layout and everything!


Let me fill you in on what’s been happening in my life over the past three months, or at least parts of April and May. I didn’t do much of anything in March and April other than work non stop in preparation for Easter.


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

I did get to take a fun mini road trip with my best friend, Amber, in early April, though. We went down to Cincinnati for an IKEA trip and a Switchfoot concert. It was amazing.


After Easter, work slowed down quite a bit and I was able to do more.


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

One of my co-workers was in the local High School’s performance of Beauty and the Beast. The show was very entertaining and she did a great job fawning over Gaston as one of the “silly girls”.


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

On Free Comic Book Day Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio, a group of volunteers who dress as superheroes and other popular figures to visit children’s hospitals, special needs centers, etc., partnered with a local comic book store and put on a performance. Poison Ivy and Scarecrow were robbing a bank so Captain America commandeered an Army convoy to transport some super kids to assist Batman, himself and other heroes in the fight for justice. There were a couple of other performances that day as well, but this was the only one I got to see any of since it was across the street from my work. From what I saw and what others told me about the day though, it was adorable and so many kids had a great time. Sometimes, I really love my hometown…


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

Being back in my hometown also has another big perk: being close to the lake. Now that the weather has finally started to warm up, Andrew and I have been able to enjoy one of our favorite past times again.


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

A friend of mine is cleaning up one of her mom’s rental properties that was abandoned and found like 15 cats living in the backyard. I got to visit them and they are so, so sweet. If I could, I would adopt all of them. Unfortunately that’s not a reality, but if you or anyone you know is in the Cleveland area and looking to adopt a new kitty, let me know! We would love to find these babies some homes.


My Life in March, April, & May 2014 |

My father-in-law’s work put on an event at the Cleveland Zoo that allowed employees and their families to have dinner and stay at the zoo after closing. It was nice to get to explore and see the animals without many other people around. That sloth bear though... He was a real smoothie, following me around and making kissy faces at me the whole time. We really had a moment together.


Those are a few fun things that have happened since I last posted. As far as life and personal type things go… We’re still in Elyria. Still staying at my parents. I’m still working at the chocolate factory and Andrew’s still at his computer networking job. No news on his clearance, his thesis, or finding a contract complying job. Nothing’s changed…


Enough about me, though. What have you been up to?! I miss my readers! Fill me in – what’s been going on in your life since I went on hiatus?

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