5 Things To Have on a Deserted Island
(List of the Week No. 2)

August 06, 2014

5 Things To Have On A Deserted Island | allonsykimberly.com

“List of the Week” is a weekly segment where I write about 5 things pertaining to a particular topic. The lists can cover anything from favorite characters to most embarrassing moments to weird items I keep in my desk. Feel free to take part in the list making as well! It’s a fun and easy way to get to know people around the blogosphere.


Alexandra from Man Crates* (this is NOT a sponsored post!) contacted me a few weeks ago with a writing prompt – What five items would I pack in my survival kit? (Assuming the basic necessities were already taken care of.) This sounded like a fun idea for my new “List of the Week” segment so I took on the challenge. Along with necessities like hunting/gathering gear, sheltering equipment, and clothes, I also imagined that I would have Andrew and my cat with me so I didn’t include them on the list. Not that they’re “things” anyway, but you get the idea.



SunVolt Max iPhone 4s

My first two items would be some sort of solar powered charger and my phone. Even without reception or internet, my phone would still be of great use. I’m sure there would be ample amounts of photo ops on a deserted island, so I‘d definitely need a camera with me. I’d also like to have a Bible with me and a calendar to keep track of the days I’d been stranded. My phone would cover all those things. So then I’d just need a way to keep it charged. It wouldn’t last forever, but hopefully I’d be rescued before it totally went kaput.




My third item (or group of items I should say) would be a notebook and a set of pencils. I’m sure I’d want to journal my experiences just as much as I’d want to take pictures of them and being able to sketch and doodle is a must. With pencils I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of ink, I’d just need to keep sharpening them with a knife (that I’m assuming is included in the essential survival gear already provided to me).



Catnip Plantimage source

The next item on my list would be a catnip plant. For Hugo, not me. I’d just like to have something nice for him. Plus it mellows him out so I could just grab him and run if we needed to get away from a panther or something.



Death Star Lego Kit

And last I would bring a Death Star Star Wars Lego Kit. I’ve always wanted to put one together, and if I’m stranded on a deserted island I would have nothing but time to do so. Once it's built it would provide endless hours of entertainment. Or if the entertainment proved to not be endless, there’s enough pieces for me to take it apart and try to create something new!



So, those are my 5 “essential” items – phone, charger, catnip, notepad, and Legos. What would you want in your survival kit?



*Man Crates did not pay me in any way to write this post or endorse their company. They simply provided me with a writing prompt. But after checking out their website, I felt like I had to tell you about their awesomeness. They fill crates, actual wooden crates that come with a crowbar to open and everything, with a bunch of different items pertaining to particular themes (survivalist, beer enthusiast, athlete, gamer, etc.). They’re catered toward men (to make it easier to buy gifts for them) but these would make great gifts for anyone. I know I personally would LOVE the Retro Gamer crate. So, if this seems like something you’d be interested in, either for yourself or a special dude in your life, check them out!


  1. I love that you included something for Hugo. I love the image of you carrying a blissed out kitty with starry eyes as you evade a panther.

  2. Knowing my cat though, he'd probably still try to get away from me so he could make friends with the panther. :3


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