Artist Appreciation: Travis English

August 18, 2014

Artist Appreciation: Travis English |

Artist Appreciation is a monthly segment where I feature an artist whose work I admire. This month’s artist is Travis English. He has a lot of really great work, but right now I want to focus on his Doctor Who inspired pieces since the new series premiers this weekend! (Just a heads up, every post this week will be Doctor Who themed in honor of the premier - I'm just a little bit excited about it) Here are a few of my favorites Travis English works inspired by our beloved time traveling Doctor:


Doctor Who by Travis English

Doctor Who?



The Eleventh Hour by Travis English

The Eleventh Hour



The Vampires of Venice by Travis English

The Vampires of Venice



Time and Relative Dimension In Space by Travis English

Time and Relative Dimension in Space



Vincent and the Doctor by Travis English

Vincent and the Doctor



To see more and/or purchase artwork by Travis English check out his tumblr and Society6 shop.




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  1. His work has a nice "Saul Bass" quality to it that I really like.


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