Casual Cosplay: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

September 23, 2014

Casual Cosplay: Auron (Final Fantasy X) |


Ever since  my very first play through of Final Fantasy X (nearly eleven years ago!) Auron has been one of my favorite video game characters. Now, as I play through the HD remastered version of the game my admiration for him has been rekindled and I wanted to put together an outfit inspired by the mysterious, sword swinging, guardian.

This outfit is primarily composed of a faux leather top, to mimic Auron’s armored breastplate, and black leggings (but you could swap those out for black denim if you’re not a member of the Leggings as Pants Club). Even though Auron’s character and outfit are very masculine, I wanted this outfit to still have a feminine feel, so I opted for a soft floral print kimono cardigan to represent his Samurai robe. The charcoal scarf is meant to imitate his cowl and the belts and buckles on the boots mimic the belts on the sleeves of his robes. The katana earrings are homage to Auron’s weapon of choice and the blue nail polish adds a nice color contrast to the kimono while emulating the beads on his belt and the chain of his Saki jug. And last, but not least, a pair of sunglasses, because you can’t be Auron without a cool pair of shades.



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