Friday Favorites No. 78

September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites No. 78 |

Every Friday I round up some of my favorite things from around the web. Common categories include artwork, home d├ęcor, cosplay, and cats, but a few others get thrown in from time to time. Here are my favs for the week of 20 – 26 September 2014:




Lord of the Rings Artwork by vigshane

Gondor by vigshane



Hobbiton by vigshane



Lothlorien by vigshane



Mirkwood by vigshane



Rivendell by vigshane



Rohan by vigshane




cat thing

Harry Potter Inspired Catnip Toys from Miss Stitchin Witch

Harry Potter Inspired Catnip Cat Toys from Miss Stitchin Witch




Femme Ruffio Cosplay by RedStarCosplay (photo by Superhero Creations by Adam Jay)

Femme Rufio Cosplay by Red Star Cosplay (photographed by Superhero Creations)



home decor

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Plushies from ThinkGeek

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Plushies from ThinkGeek




Ghostbusters Cookies by Sweet Spot Cupcakes

Ghostbusters Cookies from Sweet Spot Cupcakes


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  1. Those LOTR art is gorgeous! If you like that Rufio cosplay you have to check out Nerd Burger's! She did it and met the actor dressed like that! She is adorable!

    My kitty & I would love those Harry Potter toys! Too cute!
    Megan aka The Nerdy Girlie

  2. Kimberly that art reminds me of Breathing2004. It's just breathtaking check it out!

  3. Oh, wow! His stuff is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I know! I'm not even a huge fan of LotR, but I would love to have that artwork hanging in my house.

    I checked out Nerd Burger's Rufio cosplay - so cute! And I love her blog! Thanks for introducing me. :)


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