Casual Cosplay: Aquaman

October 14, 2014

Casual Cosplay: Aquaman |


This outfit is quite obviously inspired by Aquaman. The colors of the garments, the nail polishes, and the jewelry are all indicative of the King of the Sea. So much so that I doubt I really need to elaborate on way I chose them. But in case you’re curious… I chose a dress that had longer sleeves, since Aquaman’s suit is long sleeved and the orange dress paired with the green tights and the gold belt mimic the coloring of his suit. I thought the netting on the sides of the shoes was a subtle nod toward one of Aquaman’s past outfits that featured a fishnet top. I intended for the nail polishes to be worn together, with the gold just being on an “accent nail”, but either color would work well on its own too. The fish scale cuff bracelet, trident necklace, and Aquaman cameo necklace (all with a gold finish to match the belt) tie everything together.



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  1. I loooooove the colors! And the little Aquaman necklace is a cute touch!

  2. SO PERFECT!!! I love the colors too! I love the triton necklace!

  3. I love this so much! You totally captured the essence of Aquaman! It couldn't be more perfect!

  4. Thank you! The colors are the main reason I wanted to try an Auqaman inspired look.

  5. Thanks! I was a little worried about pairing such a bright orange with the green, but I love how it turned out.


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