Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately

October 09, 2014

Harry Potter - Customer Weasley Sweater from Sew Ecological

Harry Potter – Custom Weasley Sweater from Sew Ecological

A beautiful silver K embroidered on an emerald green sweater… now that’s a monogram I could totally rock.



Periodic Table Elements Hait Pins from Shop Gibberish

Periodic Table of Elements Hair Pins from Shop Gibberish



Game On Ender's Game T-Shirt by Drew Brockington

Game On Ender’s Game Tee by Drew Brockington



Wonder Woman Tee from Vogeek

Wonder Woman Tee from VoGeek



I Like Cats Sweatshirt from Burger and Friends

I Like Cats Sweatshirt from Burger and Friends

Okay, so maybe cats aren’t technically a “geeky” thing, but I’m pretty sure the level to which I love cats qualifies me as a cat geek, so….



Those are five items I wish were in my closet right now. Not that I’m complaining - the last thing I need is more clothes, but it’s always fun to window shop!


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  1. LUV LUV LUV the Ron sweater!!! That super women tee is cute too, i like the cut of it and anything that is all about cats is great! xx

  2. I love that Harry Potter sweater!!!!

  3. Cat geekery is definitely a thing! I totally need to get that jumper for my bestie.

  4. :O I think I kind of need that Weasley sweater. I mean, I've only dreamed of owning one since reading the first book nearly 16 years ago. That cat sweater is pretty incredible too.

  5. I loved seeing our "Wonder tee" of the VogeekStore in your list. Thanks!
    And, i'm a cat geek too! I have three cats in my house!


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