June 2018 Wallpaper

May 30, 2018

I can't believe it's almost June! With the new month just around the corning, I thought I'd get back into designing some more freebies for you guys. These wallpapers come in sizes to fit most desktop and phone resolutions and are free for you to download for personal use! Enjoy!



These designs are COPYRIGHT © 2018 Kimberly Sterling. They are free for PERSONAL USE only.
You may not redistribute, claim as your own, use commercially, sell, edit or copy these works.
You are free to share these wallpapers on social media as long as you please credit me by tagging @allonsykimberly or linking back to allonsykimberly.com.
Please respect these terms and conditions and enjoy your free wallpaper. :)

Fangirl Fashions: Han Solo

May 21, 2018

Who's excited to see Solo this weekend!? I still have a lot of mixed feelings about the future of Star Wars and all the spin off shows and movies outside of the sequel trilogy. That's a post for another time though. All in all though, I think it will be a really fun movie and I'm looking forward to seeing it. So in honor of its release this week here are some Han Solo inspired apparel and accessories.

I Love You, I Know Clutch by Sherlock Space 7

Fly Casual Pin by Fandom Flair Pins

Never Tell Me the Odds T-Shirt by Jordene

Hunter's Bounty Ring by Paul Michael Designs

Po-Zu Lmt

Shop Update: May 2018

May 13, 2018

Since its been a while since I posted regularly, I thought I'd give a quick update on Hugh & West. For those who may not know, Hugh & West is my graphic artistry biz that I started in 2013. I primarily sell products through print on demand sites like Society6, RedBubble, and TeePublic, but I also take commissions for original artwork, invitations, and logo design.

Since my last shop update, years ago, there have been several new products added to my shops. Too many to list all of them, but a few of my favorites are:

Window Curtains


and Backpacks

I've also added new artwork:

You can find a full list of products and designs as well as direct links to all of my shops and information on commissions at my website Hugh & West.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my shop. I have a lot of goals for this little business and I truly, truly appreciate your support, even if it's just reading this post. You can follow Hugh & West on instagram (@hughandwest) to stay up to date.

Fan Art Friday: Infinity War

May 11, 2018

Welcome to my new segment, Fan Art Friday, where I showcase awesome artwork related to different fandoms. I chose to kick off this segment with Avengers: Infinity War in honor of its theater release a couple weeks ago, and the fact that I was finally able to see it last week - don't worry, no spoilers from me, but *#@$! I was not prepared for that movie.

Anyway, onto the artwork!

Black Panther Limited Edition Print by Chris Clarke Art

Mantis / Guardians of the Galaxy / Copic Marker by Lighane

By Shrylia

By Derek Kaufman

WARNING: Okay, this next set might actually be a little spoilery. I suspect that if you’re that concerned with spoilers you would have seen the movie by now, but I figured I’d give a heads up anyway.

Avengers Infinity War Minimalist Design Set by Puck Heroes

Don't Call It A Comeback

May 06, 2018

Hello again, blogosphere! It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. When we moved in 2014 and I started working full time again, I just couldn't find the balance between my job, designing for Hugh & West, blogging, and having any kind of social life, so blogging was the first thing to fall to the wayside. Since then I've fought with myself a lot over whether to start back up or end it for good, but I never could bring myself to give up on it completely. I loved having an outlet for my fandoms and I missed connecting with others who shared my passions (even though I was terrible at it most of the time - hello, social anxiety!) But I was never able to get back into the groove of blogging.

Until now!


Yeah, I'm still not convinced that I'll be able to keep up with this again, but I'm willing to give it another try and I've even written and scheduled out posts for the rest of this month to get me started. But if I'm going to do this again, it's going to need to be different.

I can't expect myself to be able to post nearly everyday like before. I still have a full time job and need to stay dedicated to running Hugh & West, so I'm limiting myself to 5 or 6 posts a month for now. You can still expect to see Fangirl Fashions, Casual Cosplays, Freebies, and the occasional life and shop updates, just not as frequently as before. I'd also like to try out a new segment, Fan Art Friday.

Along with this reboot, I'm considering a name change for this blog. Something less Doctor Who and more Star Wars to better reflect my interests. But, I'll hold off on that until I've proved to myself that I can actually keep up with this thing again. Just a little heads up for what might possibly come in the future.

So, there it is. My official "please welcome me back" post. To any readers I might still have from before and to any new readers just coming in, thanks for being here and I hope you like whatever this blog turns into.