I'm Kimberly, a twenty-four-year-old artist, cat lady, and geek, currently residing in north east Ohio. By day I work in a haunted chocolate factory and by night I design artwork for my shop, August Decorous Design Studio. When I'm not doodling or selling chocolate I can be found reading sci-fi novels, cuddling my cat, adventuring with my husband, and playing way too much Plants vs. Zombies.


Star Wars will always be number one is my heart, followed very closely by Harry Potter, and I'll probably always have a crush on Wally West. Singing Disney show tunes and reading fluffy fan fiction are my guilty pleasures. My hair color is constantly changing and I'm still trying to convince myself that I like working out. I am a sinner saved by God's grace struggling daily to live my life to the fullest for Him. I also tend to quote movies/shows/youtube videos. A lot.


I grew up playing video games with my dad, watching Star Wars with my mom, and being girly with my sister. My favorite color was pink, but I didn't mind scraping up my knees and being caked in mud. I always had a balance between being girly and being geeky, but as I got older it became difficult finding other girls with the same interests. If you were a gamer you couldn't care about looking cute. If you loved science fiction you couldn't love fashion. It seemed like I always had to pick a side and only embrace half of who I was.

Then I discovered the world of blogging and found that there were others like me. I learned that being girly and being geeky didn't have to be a contradiction and I became more confident and accepting of myself and my interests. This blog became the gateway for expressing myself, contributing to the geek girl society, and hopefully encouraging others to love what they love regardless of any preconceived notions they or others may have.


If you're new to my blog, here's a quick run through of what you can expect to read/see.

  • DIY: I'm by no means a master crafter, but I do enjoy making my own home decor items and accessories from time to time.
  • FANGIRL FASHIONS: I love discovering new geek themed clothing/accessories and sharing them here.
  • CASUAL COSPLAY: I live vicariously through Polyvore, putting together outfits based on movies, books, video games, etc.
  • BITS OF HOME: We move around a lot, so I always seem to be decorating...
  • FRIDAY FAVORITES: Let me show you some awesome stuff I found around the interwebs!
  • LIFE: Self explanatory.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and this blog. I truly do appreciate it and hope you'll stick around. :)