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My Life in January 2014

February 03, 2014

My Life in January 2014 |

We celebrated Hugo’s second adoption day anniversary on the 14th. We got him a new bag of treats and one of those balls that dispenses them as they bat it around. I can’t believe we’ve had him for over two years now. He’s still just as rambunctious, curious, and mayhem inducing as the day we brought him home… only about 10 lbs heavier. Maybe that treat ball wasn’t the best idea…


My Life in January 2014 |

I got my new Fat Kitty phone case from The Nosuch Disco! It’s basically the best phone case ever. I mean, look how fat that cat is. And he’s in space. You can’t get much better than that.


My Life in January 2014 |

It’s been four months since I stopped bleaching my hair and a little over a month since I got it professionally colored. I’m really, really, fighting the urge to dye it again…


I guess that’s about it. January hasn’t been super eventful, aside from our move. We’ve been spending a lot of time catching up with friends, getting settled in, and looking for jobs. It’s only been a month, we’re still hanging in there.

My Life in December 2013

January 17, 2014

My Life in December 2013 |

December was not the easiest of months. There was a lot of traveling, a lot of packing, a lot of cleaning, and a lot of sadness as we said goodbye to our apartment and the city we’ve lived in for the past 3 and a half years.

My Life in December 2013 |

Of course Hugo was a huge help in packing everything away.

My Life in December 2013 |

And cleaning out the cupboards, too.

My Life in December 2013 |

We ended up having to move out during the worst blizzard we’ve had so far this winter and I lost my phone in the process. Luckily it had just fallen into our bucket of cleaning supplies so it survived the move just fine.

We’re living with my parents right now until we get things sorted out. Hopefully Andrew can find a job to meet his contract requirements soon, but in the meantime we’ll be looking for jobs in the area. It’s definitely not the ideal situation, but I’m learning that my comfort really isn’t all that important. It doesn’t matter where I think I should be, I need to be where God wants me. All I can really do at this point is pray continuously, listen carefully, and trust Him completely.

My Life in December 2013 |

Despite all the stress of moving we were still able to visit our family and have a really nice Christmas together.

My Life in December 2013 |

And I got my hair did. So there’s that.


That about sums up the end of 2013. A lot of crap happened last year, but I also got to experience some really awesome things and make a lot of great memories. Now that we’re finished with this move I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly so I can share some of those fun times with you.


Hope you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

My Life in November 2013

December 03, 2013

My Life in November 2013 |

We went to see Ender’s Game and it was actually a lot better than I figured it would be. I thought it was really well done and very true to the book.


My Life in November 2013 |

Hugo celebrated Veteran’s Day in style.


My Life in November 2013 |

We traveled up to Elyria for Thanksgiving and Hugo did so well on the car ride there. He slept on my lap most of the time while I sang to him. =^.^=


My Life in November 2013 |

While in town, we went to the Catching Fire premier that was actually at 8:00 not midnight, which was really weird, but kind of nice to not be out until 3am… Does that mean I’m getting old? Anyway, the movie was awesome and I went to see it a second time a couple of days later.


My Life in November 2013 |

I was introduced to Happy Dog, a local bar that makes delicious gourmet hot dogs topped with just about anything you could think of.


My Life in November 2013 |

I started the very long process of getting my white blonde hair back to a natural shade.


My Life in November 2013 |

And of course, I stuffed my face like crazy at multiple Thanksgiving dinners.


November was a pretty busy month, but December is sure to top it. Moving day is less than a month away and we still haven’t packed anything or figured out where we’re moving to. It will be an interesting next few weeks…

My Life in… September 2013

October 03, 2013


My Life in… September 2013 |

My Life in… September 2013 |

At the beginning of the month Andrew went on a week long road trip with his dad to the Grand Canyon. These are a few pictures he sent me along the way.


My Life in… September 2013 |

Meanwhile I visited my family and got in some much needed bff time.


My Life in… September 2013 |

I also played a couple rounds of golf with my dad. It was the third time in my whole life I’d played on an actual course and I managed to get a 5 on a par 4. Booya! Pretty sure it was a fluke though because the game I played the next day was horrendous. Haha.


My Life in… September 2013 |

Date night at an outdoor shopping plaza, listening to a saxophonist and watching the fountain change colors.


My Life in… September 2013 |

Always messing with the cat.


My Life in… September 2013 |

We celebrated my German roots at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati.



We also had some fun at the Ohio Renaissance Festival (post coming soon).


My Life in… September 2013 |

This past weekend Andrew and I helped out at a chili cook-off our church was hosting. We grilled, assembled, and handed out 160 hot dogs. It was exhausting, but we were happy to help.


Just a heads up, posts may not be very consistent for a while. There are some things I’ve really been wanting to do and learn that I’ve been putting off to keep up with my blogging schedule. It seems kind of silly to not be devoting time to what I actually want to do. Not that I don’t want to blog, but you get the idea. So that’s that. If I don’t have a free printable up one week or I miss a Friday Favorites you’ll know why. :)

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls

August 19, 2013

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls |

Anyone with a cat knows how much they love to nom on grass. It provides extra fiber to their diet and helps with digestion. But, if your cat is an indoor cat like mine it’s not as easy for them to get their greens. Hugo’s not so great at being on his leash and we don’t have any grass in our little semi-fenced in patio, so we needed a way to bring the grass inside. You can find cat grass growing kits at most pet stores, but instead of the plain white tubs they provide, why not plant the grass in a fun container that can complement your d├ęcor?

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls |

I found this set of geometric dip bowls at Target for a $1 and thought they would be great for this project, but they needed a bit of color first.


  • bowl(s)
  • cat grass seeds
  • soil
  • multi-surface paint (white and whatever colors you want to use)
  • paint brush or sponge
  • painters tape (or in my case, lint roller sheets)

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls |

1. section off the pieces to paint with tape (we didn’t have any at the time so I improvised with lint roller sheets – whatever works, right?) // 2. paint the section white and wait to dry (depending on the paint you may need multiple coats) // 3. paint over the white with the colors you want (I used blue, pink, green, and orange) // 4. plant your grass and let it grow!

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls |

I keep the cat grass on our coffee table for Hugo to chew on and he’s loving it!

DIY: Geometric Cat Grass Bowls |

// sometimes I share my projects, printables, and home decor on these sites. //

My Life In…July 2013

August 01, 2013

I wasn’t very successful at writing “life update” posts every week, so I’ve decided to go back to doing it once a month. It’s probably for the best since I don’t do too many exciting things anyway!


My Life In…July 2013 |

At the beginning of the month we were still in Elyria visiting family and we got to play this super rad Harry Potter version of Monopoly that my sister-in-law made.


My Life In…July 2013 |

We had our friends Matt and Amber stay with us for a few days during the 4th of July and we all watched fireworks together at the local park.


My Life In…July 2013 | My Life In…July 2013 |

We made some new friends by the pond in our apartment complex. Andrew has named them Harold and Stella.


My Life In…July 2013 |

We celebrated Andrew’s 24th birthday. I got him (and myself) season 2 of Adventure Time and a frame for his limited edition James Bond poster.


My Life In…July 2013 | My Life In…July 2013 |

Then we celebrated my birthday. Andrew got me a set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils and took me out for some delicious sushi.


My Life In…July 2013 | My Life In…July 2013 |

I’m not sure why, but Hugo has been extra curious these past couple of weeks…


My Life In…July 2013 |

I did this to my hair.


My Life In…July 2013 |

I did this 30/30 running challenge and ran every day except one due to an injury. It’s been awesome getting myself active, but man, oh man am I out of shape! I mean, I’ve never been a runner, but still. I start 5k training next week and I’m pretty nervous about it. Wish me luck!


What have you guys been up to this past month? Are any of you runners? Got any tips for this noob?


July 10, 2013

I’ve been a little MIA these past few days and probably will continue to be so for at least the rest of the week. There’s some pretty heavy stuff going on in my personal life, and I’m still trying to recuperate from all the traveling over the past two weeks. I’m still getting caught up on housework and designs (I’m getting ready to open some shops soon!) and being distracted by Bioshock…

I actually had planned on having a free printable up today, but my computer had other plans and decided to crash after I was half way done with the design – and of course I hadn’t saved it yet. So, rather than start over again, I shut everything down and watched Harry Potter with my husband. Sometimes that’s just what you gotta do.

Anyway, I’m hoping to be back in full swing next week, but in the meantime please understand and forgive my absence. Oh, and enjoy this picture of Hugo!

Untitled |

This Week in Review [June 2-8]

June 09, 2013

I know I usually do a recap of my life events at the end of each month, but I think I’d like to start doing that on a weekly basis. You all know I’m not super comfortable sharing details of my personal life on here, but I’d like to work on that and give you readers a chance to get to know me better. Assuming you actually want to know things about me and my life. If not, that’s cool, just go ahead and skip this post. No hard feelings. :)


I mentioned before that I started doing a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I’ve been pretty bad about actually sticking to it though. But I’ll be setting aside some time in my busy schedule to sit down and catch up on my sketches soon. You can see my first few here.


I made my first ever green smoothie and you know what, it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully I can get in the habit of making them on a regular basis. They just take so much work! And we don’t have a great blender so I have to chop everything up as finely as I can first. I might try chopping everything for like a months worth ahead of time and freezing it, then just dump a day’s amount in the blender with the wet ingredients each morning. I’m not sure how well that would work, and I’ll need to get some more recipes… If any of you green smoothie pros have some tips you’d like to share with this noob please feel free to leave them in the comments. :)


We took Hugo on his first official walk at our new apartment. He enjoyed the grass, but was less than thrilled with the neighbors coming and going. We all survived though, even if Hugo did hide under a bush and cry until I came and “rescued” him. Scaredy cat…


Andrew and I had a little drive in dinner date at Sonic. We set up his phone in the window mount and watched Arrested Development while we ate. Best date idea ever.


I sort of unintentionally created a Portal themed ensemble the other day.


Cats make great hair accessories, didn’t you know?


Whoever lived in our apartment before us must have planted strawberries in our back “yard” because we have a ton of them sprouting up all over the place. I don’t mind. :)


The goslings are getting so big!


I decided to organize all of my craft supplies last night and stumbled across this. I have absolutely no idea how FFX made its way into my ribbon drawer. One of life’s great mysteries I suppose.

life rearranged